PLOTPOINT Creative Media LLC

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A creative production company focusing commercials, branded content and original IP and transitioning into immersive/interactive content.

What's Your Story

We're doing a lot. Our money-maker is producing commercials and branded content for interesting companies and non-profit organizations. Some of our clients include 2U, AOL, PwC, Acumen Fund, Fenton Communications, Birthright Israel, Carnegie Corporation of NY and Equality Now.

Our area of interest and growth is immersive and interactive storytelling. We're looking to make commercial campaigns out of it, but also create original content in that field. The first project we are developing is an immersive film experience that dynamically changes based off of the brain waves of the viewer who is hooked up to an EEG. We also have a few serialized dramas that are in various stages of development now that would be targeting SVOD releases with complimentary transmedia storyworlds to explore.

What do you hope to get out of membership

I am looking to be surrounded by innovative ideas, inspiring projects and creative people. I can contribute with our production infrastructure, technology background, industry connections and unique approach to interaction design.

Why is now the right time for your company

When is not the right time?

Are You Seeking Collaborators?

Yes. We are seeking collaborators for both our commercial and original productions. Specifically DPs, editors, VFX, coders (everything from HTML5 to Max) and storyworld writers. We are also seeking collaborators and members for the FilmShop, a non-profit supporting indie media producers with intensive workshops.

Interest & Activities


Storyworld Design


Cross-platform story world building and narrative design
Hi-end visual graphics / effects for immersive web experiences
Physical installation and locative designs
Desk Unlisted
Ivan Marte
AD / Editor
I'm a passionate filmmaker and storyteller based in NYC. I'm a passionate filmmaker and storyteller based in NYC.
Desk Unlisted
Zack Wilson
Founder / Senior Producer
I'm the founder and senior producer for PLOTPOINT Creative. I'm also the co-founder of the FilmShop, a non-profit that supports and incubates indie media producers through intensive workshops, hands-on conferences, idea generator sessions and our tight-knit online community. I'm a fellow in the Executive Masters in Communication Innovation '15 graduate program at Ithaca College, where we collaborate with companies like Disney, XBox Studios and TLC to study and innovate concepts for next generation storytelling and business models. I am an avid traveler.